Sunday, July 3, 2016

What you should know about IRCTC PNR Status

Check your PNR Status

PNR Status refers to the status of the reserved train tickets. When you book train tickets online or in the railway reservation counters under passenger reservation system, you are not assured about getting the confirmed tickets, neither have you known about the allotment of seat / berth numbers nor about the coach in which your seats will be reserved. In some cases, your ticket may be waitlisted due to non-availability of seats.

Each reserved train ticket issued by Indian railways carries unique PNR Number. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and it is the distinctive pointer, used by Indian Railways and IRCTC to record the details of the particular PNR. To check IRCTC PNR status, you need the 10 digit PNR Number.

How to check Train PNR Status?

The PNR status of the train ticket varies due to cancellations of the tickets booked. You can check PNR status in many ways.

Check the PNR status from the official website of Indian Railways

Go to IRCTC site and check PNR status from the history of tickets booked

Check PNR status using IRCTC App

Send a SMS to 139 to check the PNR status

PNR <SPACE> <Enter Your 10 Digits PNR No.>
Example: PNR 1234567891

And send it to 139

·         SMS : PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 54959.
·         SMS : PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 5676747.
·         SMS : IRPNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 57886.

The PNR enquiry through message is charged.

How PNR status advances / changes frequently

It is simple. Millions of passengers use IRCTC and passenger reservation centers everyday to book millions of tickets every day. When the tickets booked before you are cancelled, your booking will be advanced in the queue.

This is called as change in booking status and current status of PNR. Your booking status of PNR never changes and remains the same until you board the train. It is the current status of PNR that displays the status of your ticket.

Current status of ticket changes until the chart is prepared before a few hours of the departure. When you check PNR status, you should look at the current status to ensure whether is confirmed.

What information you will get when you check PNR status

You will receive the information as given in the screen, given below when you check PNR status. Generally it comprises of the following:
·         Train number
·         Train name
·         Date of journey
·         From and To (Station codes) and Boarding point (if it differs from source station)
·         Class of travel
·         Number of passengers (marked as Passenger 1, 2 etc)
·         Booking Status
·         Current Status  (In case of confirmed tickets, you can see the seat and coach number)

What different terms in Train PNR Status mean when you make a PNR Enquiry?

As mentioned above, not everyone get the confirmed train tickets. Travelling in a reservation compartment without a confirmed ticket is an offence. Yet, when you check PNR status, or make a PNR enquiry to know about the PNR status of your ticket, you can find different statuses. Here is the brief look at IRCTC PNR status mean.

To check PNR status and know about the status of the ticket, you need the valid 10 digit number.

CNF – Confirmed ticket and you can travel in the respective train.

RAC – Reservation against Cancellation. Your journey is confirmed, yet your seat or berth is not confirmed and you may have to share the seat with co-passenger.

WL – Waitlisted ticket. Your ticket is not yet confirmed and you cannot board the train. If you travel the train, you will be treated as ticketless passenger and will be fined accordingly.

Different types of waitlisted tickets are seen in PNR Status.

GNWL – General Waiting List – It refers to normal waiting list number of the ticket. Preference is given to confirm these tickets that advance in queue.

RLWL – Remote Location Waiting List – Journey from source station to any station that is not a destination station, which probably comes at a remote location. Generally, Remote Location quota will be allocated only in specific stations that don’t have frequent trains. It is very difficult to get remote location waiting list tickets confirmed when your PNR status states it as RLWL.

PQWL – Pooled Quota Waiting List – Departure and destination stations lies between the source and end of the destination station of that particular train. It means, the passenger boards at any station that is not the source station and deboard at any station that is the destination of the journey.

RGWL – Regret – No more booking is permitted (This is not a PNR status, but you can find the status when you check for the train availability in the trains where no more bookings are permitted)
CAN/MOD – Cancelled / Modified - It means that ticket is cancelled or modified.

Why should you check IRCTC PNR status before a few hours of journey?

If you booked a ticket and it should the PNR status as waitlisted tickets, you will have to confirm about the berth and coach number, which prevents hassles. The train chart will be prepared four hours before departure time for most of trains. Make a PNR enquiry before two or three hours of travel and you can find the details about the final PNR status of your ticket.

If you have opted for ‘Class up gradation’ when you book train ticket, there are chances that your ticket might have been upgraded to the upper class. For instance, if you have a confirmed ticket in 3RD AC, your ticket will be upgraded to 2ND AC. However, this is possible only if you already had a confirmed train ticket while booking. Train tickets that have RAC PNR status or waitlisted PNR status are given confirmation only under respective class of booking.

If you have waitlisted tickets don’t conclude that your tickets will be confirmed. Even the waitlisted 1 and 2 tickets remain the same. So, check the PNR status if you have waitlisted tickets.

At the time of departure, unless your PNR status displays CNF with confirmed seats and coach number or displays RAC with coach number, your ticket remains void. Advancing in the PNR status of a waitlisted ticket doesn’t mean your ticket will be confirmed. However, don’t worry. In case of waitlisted tickets, the money will be refunded back to the respective mode of transaction.